2018 Snowmachine Avalanche Course Offerings

1-day Classroom Session: Dates yet to be determined- please check back! 

Red Flags: Recognition of Avalanche Hazard and Fundamentals of Avalanche Safety.    

1-day Field Session: Dates yet to be determined- please check back! 

Green Lights: Core Concepts in Avalanche Safety- Travel in Avalanche Terrain.                                                                                         *must complete Red Flags classroom session before participation in Green Lights field session*

AVALANCHE SKILLS TRAINING- LEVEL 1 COURSE: Dates yet to be determined- please check back!  

This two-day course is an excellent introduction to avalanche terrain recognition skills, snowpack theory, rescue efficiency, and overall risk management.  Day 1 classroom session covers information related to "how not to get caught."  In day two's field session we practice what we learned in the classroom about prevention and rescue skills (which is no longer about safety but about how to prevent loss from an accident). 

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Avalanche Skills Training: Level 1

Every Trip Should Be A Round Trip!

This course is two days with both classroom and field components.  Everyone in your group should have training in avalanche recognition and avoidance.  One trained person in a group is not enough!  AST 1 course is only the beginning-  the avalanche pros will tell you avalanche training is a life long process.

By the end of the two-day course you will know:

  • Basics of trip planning
  • Tools and resources (using avalanche forecasts)
  • How to identify avalanche terrain
  • Avalanche formation and release
  • Appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain
  • Introduction to companion rescue

Course Time:  2 days

Day 1: 8-hours highly interactive class

Day 2: 8-9 hours of hands on field exercises. 

Additional Information for All Snowmachine Students

Custom Courses for Snowmachiners

We offer courses customized to the interests and schedules of your organization—military, outdoor, or school group. Custom courses include curriculum from one of our standard courses (Level 1, 2, and snowmachine) taught by professional instructors at the location of your choice.

For more information or to request a quote, please call the office at 907.345.0878 during our office hours or send us an email at info@alaskaavalanche.com